Friday, June 4, 2010

~~always PERFECT~~

WE ARE PERFECT. But the opposite is what we always say. Most will disagree without asking.

Anyone might tell Beanizer, "Hey, are you dumb? This is an imperfect world! We are sinners! We commit mistakes! We are struggling to live each day! I have the worst family! I don't have friends.." ..and all the worsts that may define the dark side of life.

But think again, aren't we really not perfect?
Is it because you have low grades and got no job though you have a degree? Is it because you need a tummy tuck or a face lift but you don't have money to pamper yourself? Or is it because your lover for 5 years left you despite you've given everything? ..Whatever reasons you give may describe IMPERFECTION.
Imperfection is all in our minds. We only feel imperfect if we think we are.

We are perfect. Why? 'Coz we are created perfectly DUE TO OUR PURPOSE. If you believe that there's a reason behind every happening, then you must believe that you are created with a purpose. We are not here in this planet to compete and find each others' fault. We are not given life just to disappoint our own selves. We are here to learn and live according to our purpose, nothing else.

What would happen if this world is full of doctors and engineers? What will happen if we are all wealthy and rich? Who will lead if we are all leaders? Who will perform if we are all critics? We are who we are. Perfectly unique from each one.
Born naked, born human, born perfect to search each purpose of life.

Another point you may have in your mind about the robbers? the less fortunate people who sleep in the streets? Are they considered perfect too? Still, I will answer YES. They are created perfect..yet, they choose to live that kind of life. They took for granted the right direction towards their goals. You can be as poor as the beggar but earn money through hardwork, and you can be a rich kid but ended in jail as a drug-addict. You can be a skinny girl and turn into a successful career woman,..or a spoiled kid that will bring disgrace to your family.

If you feel worthless, don't ask WHY..but find HOW you will serve a worthy life.
If you feel unlucky, never blame your parents, remember: genes are not lucky charms!

Don't try to be perfect, you already are.
Just utilize that ..make others feel perfect because of you.


Tryant said...

Wow Bro Ur good At the Philosophical views too...I Must say Im Impressed

Anonymous said...

of course i am unique!!! who the hell told you that am not?!!hehehe.....
theres nobody like me! i am the best! ha!

Goks said...

wow.. inspiring..!

Nandita said...

Hmmm...Ur ryt...
U gav me anothr thng to think of...
Thank u beany...for makng me realise da truths of life... :)

Keep ryting on nice thoughts...
I m alwaz reading...

Rml said...

Agreed, agreed. Pretty eloquent, Mr. Hubby!

beanizer_05 said...

Wow! faithful readers..still noticed my post..

Bro! DOn't be impress,,i was drunk so i feel perfect! hahaha!

sure sure! you're the best bully here! hehehe, just kidding..calm down hon, nonody said u'r not perfect..haha!

thanks! im glad to know that..

oh..don't trust my words too just confusing my reader..hahaha!

WHen am i gonna have my wifey back? I miss her..

Jill Wellington said...

Wow, Beanie...THAT coming out of YOU??? Love this side of you as well as your FUN side! I agree with's all in our thoughts and perceptions. I think we all came to the earth with a purpose and when we discover it..the rest of the crap we face as humans becomes unimportant. I needed to read your words today as a reminder...THANK YOU!!!

beanizer_05 said...

thanks ms. Jill..
hope we can all think as positive as we can each day..

Bendz said...

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I don't know whether I'm perfect or not ;) If you've got time, visit auto insurance in international insurance web world.
Cool blog and Keep it up ;)

Racquel AKA: Rockadocious said...

This is nicely written. Thank you..

beanizer_05 said...

we are all perfect according to our purpose..thanks for dropping:)..i'll visit ur site sooner..

thanks for giving a time on my piece:)

Leon Gore said...

This is such a profound thought of life the purpose of our existence. I could not agree more. If we know the purpose why we are brought into life here on earth by our Creator and follow precisely His plan , then everything will be perfect. Just as the car manufacturer follow the model of the car, just as the business planner follow to the dot their business plan, just as the company Microsoft , Coke , HSBC to name a few followed to the dot their blueprint their purpose, they business are thriving with almost perfection. God I believe created us for His purpose alone not ours. .if we follow that purpose then we are in the right direction.

"It's not about you" was Rick Warren first line of sentence in his best selling book " The Purpose Driven Life. If we follow His blueprint for us which is perfect the we could never go wrong. And yes we are all perfect because we are created in the image of God which is perfect. But when sin sets in that's when we become imperfect, and anything that is against the blueprint of God is considered as sin. Well thought Beanizer. .

sudhi said...

wow beany kid philosophies!!

yaa u r right beany all it depends is on hard wrk!!! cheers!!!

Roman Ahmad said...

beautiful words really nice

Webbielady said...

yes, because there is perfectness in imperfection...

Zezebel said...

Your words make me want to look at myself in a mirror. Am I perfect? What is the standards? Hahahahaha....
Nice writing friends. It make we think about what we already had.

beanizer_05 said...

@Mr. Gore:
Thanks. Yeah, i've read that book sometimes,it's a perfect book i must say. True enough, if we understand the blueprints of our existence and live them then all will be perfect..

yeah! success comes from hardwork!

thanks so much:)

Perfection in imperfection..agreed!

hey thanks for noticing this another site:) Haha! you are perfect, no standards required, just self-discovery!

Zezebel said...

Wasn't perfect for human according to others who look at you? We cannot judge ourselves. But I know I am perfect everyday.

beanizer_05 said...

i wonder who those humans are?? the hell i care with them! hehehe!

edad50 said...

Beanie...huhuhu :( made me cry and realize a lot...yes you are right we all perfect though sometimes lost or went to a different road. Love reading you blogs...god bless

beanizer_05 said...

don't cry please :)
glad you liked it..
thanks for spending time with my blog.
God bless you too po!

David Scott said...

Beanie nicely written I'll borrow your writeup to my preaching this next sunday.

Everyone has individual purposes in life.Sometimes you might ask what is my purpose in life? I just have your two blogs and I could say Love is just waiting Beanie.

Like a butterfly there lives are so short but they served there purpose of pollinating nectars of flowers to let them flourish more.In a short span of time butterflies have served there purpose.

You have a greater purpose Beanie you have just to step out and stop thinking awhile and make a leap for that greater purpose to be fulfilled.

beanizer_05 said...

@Mr. Scott:
Thanks for giving time on my blogs Sir. I feel honored when my write-ups serve a purpose. Sure, you can share them with everyone, glad that my words will reach others too.
You made me think of my exact purpose 'coz now i'm way too busy thinking of stuffs and changes that I must have. Yes, love gives purpose to everything, I can't say more.
Thanks so much!

David Scott said...

It is my honor to read your blogs beanie I hope God's message reached you.Sometimes Beanie we are too busy on many things but we fail to look on the real thing that someone needs us to love them.WE have fears and many what if's and reasons in life so we are not doing it.

Sometimes there are many signs for us to do our greater purpose in life but we always are hard headed and always saying I am right I am.We have to listen to other people's advices Beanie because God can speak through people.God uses situations Beanie as a sign for you to go.

LOVE Beanie is the most essential in everything prioritize it and it will turn out right.

Prayers are like knock knocks on heaven's door but you need to call and ACT for the door to be opened.

I don't know why but I just want to tell you Someone Needs Your Help and it better not be Late Beanie.Something to do with a butterfly and seeing the light.I had a dream last night and prayed and it lead me again to your site.

I love this site of yours can you recommend other sites?

beanizer_05 said...

Wow! Your words amaze me Sir. Everything you said seems like "related" on some real things that is happening behind my virtual world..the fears, uncertainties and the signs. You made me stop now and really think. As you see, this site is not updated, it was written last year..'til now i can't compile my words to make a new post.
All of my blogger friends got very interesting sites tackling different topics, but if you're looking for an inspirational one that speaks of meanings of life, i can only think of one site that suits you well. It's a site of my very dear friend.
Here's the link.

do you have your own site too Sir? I would be glad if you can share it with us. Thanks again. God bless.

David Scott said...

I just came from the site you have given me insidemeanings and there was a signature SIE.I was in awe reading it all of her articles.I have no site busy doing preachings.I have no permanent church I travel around the world being a guest speaker on different churches that's what I do.

I want to share to you about my DREAM.There was these two butterflies who loved each other.They have this game that whoever will go first to the flower everyday will win.ONE DAY the male butterfly went ahead on the same flower but was waiting for his partner the female butterfly.Hours went by and was curious why the female butterfly did not came.

Then a LIGHT beamed to the flower to open it was a flower that opens when the sun lights.Then there was The Female Butterfly.She was there inside the flower and died.

You know why she died Beanie?

Because of her love for that Male Butterfly she did not went home.She stayed on that flower so she will always be the first so the male butterfly will see how much she loves the butterfly.She was waiting so long for the male butterfly to come back at the next day but he was so late.

The butterfly that I saw in my dream was The Same butterfly I saw on the site of Sie.I just wonder why the same butterfly on my dream.

Now I have a tear in my eye on every article I have read on her site.Upon seeing that butterfly it is Sie on my dream.

She has such an enormous kindness on her heart and she is going to a tough time.Wow what a faith she has.I just wish her to be happy.

If you can help her in some way do go and don't delay help her Beanie.There is just this something that is telling me you will be a great help for her a really big one.God answers prayers fast if he sees Action in it.

There are many signs and I have been through this lots of times.All you have to do is Listen and Obey don't have a hard heart just obey!

beanizer_05 said...

:) I knew you'll see that butterfly in her site. I'll take care of her, don't worry.
Though I hate the ending of that story with the dead bfly, it made me teary-eyed.
I suggest you start a site and share with us your insights..very inspiring.
Thanks so much!

Balqis said...

Beanie, I'm the late comer! Though late, I could make my way here. It's such an amazing post. So philosophical. You have a great mind! Why was it that I didn't discover you much earlier??

Keep going! :)

beanizer_05 said...

@ms. balqis:
*blushing* My appreciation on your wonderful comments will never be late. Thanks for the visiting this site. I really have no new topic..i'm still glad this post doesn't expire..hehe!

evelyn said...

grandson and you wrote very well.I didn't know you have a serious side also.You can be a writer too like dear Sie.

WebbieLady said...

...because "there is perfection in imperfection!"

Asma Khan said...

Beany you made me speechless... I'm impressed by your clear thoughts...
A really very motivated article... :)
I am going to tweet this... :)

Stay Blessed

beanizer_05 said...

thanks granma..miss you:)

thanks for dropping!
i love motivating others as they do motivate me :)

Classic Creations said...

Very Inspiring indeed!
Following your blog now :)
Everyone please check out my blog.I have posted my clothing collection there.I would really appreciate the feedback.:)

Racquel AKA: Rockadocious said...

This is absolutely eye-opening. Thank you.

Miss you...


beanizer_05 said...

thanks for visiting! i will drop in your site soonest!

thanks dear for the 2nd time! hehe! how are you?

Prime Aque said...

I am inspired here, you are truly and inspiration Sir! I am just again reminded that imperfection is not real, because we are perfect, I am perfect because I got the purpose why I am here. I love this, and I am speechless, I linked this to SB and I want to share this to them one day :)

Caile said...

this is really deep but worth contemplating about. "Are we not really perfect?" is one of the most interesting questions I've encountered in my entire existence.

just tututiny said...

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