Thursday, September 3, 2009

--the existence--

// “what do I really want to happen in my life?”—this question has been running in my nerves these past days.. I am bothered of unexplainable thoughts…
..i stopped..i feel tired..does my existence still matter the world? Or do I still exist?
..i don’t know what is happening with me..the world is running too fast, I think I missed some details of the life I’m living..i’m 23..not that old but not so I still enjoying my breathing on this planet? ..i have many questions-nonsense why’s and what’s that most people surely won’t be interested to know..i am doing this blog with no subject to tackle..and if someone cares to view this blog maybe she/he may have the answer..
..i feel empty..i am having a body without a soul..something is missing..don’t know where, how or what to find..maybe I need some adventure…I am playing too safe and thus, bored. I don’t hate my life, never I did and never will’s just.. I need a simple response for an unknown query..
..i do have perfect friends..yes, perfect..not because they never made me feel bad..but perfect ‘coz they have the character that accepts my worsts and pushing me to my bests..i love them..i may not have the most craziest and wealthiest friends mostly people would stick to, still, I have the truest, happiest, and incomparable moments through their presence n my life.. //090209