Thursday, February 18, 2010

~it's all about life~

The searching for my purpose on this planet is still on-going. Every day gives me wonderful realization on the gifts of life. I am just one of the living creatures learning to survive each minute. I may not have the ideally perfect life in this temporary world, but, I believe I don't have a bad life. No one has a bad one anyway. I am not a religious nor a life guru, yet, I think, that the moment the Creator gave the first air on our nostrils, it is already a promise of a BEAUTIFUL PURPOSE.

A problematic person might read this page and say "Beanizer, you don't know what you're saying 'coz you are not experiencing this damn life I got.."..and I may just keep silent. I won't argue 'coz it's true, I may not be really experiencing the kind of life others have. But come to think, if I don't have the kind of life others have, then consequently, I didn't experience their moments of joys and happiness at some point of their lives too, right?

My only point is, LIFE is a general word. It speaks of everything. Both joys and sorrows. Both laughter and pain. Both sacrifices and pleasures. Both contentment and dissatisfaction. Life is not at all made for pure fun and excitement. It would be a boring one then if it entails a single emotion. I am pretty sure we have different way of living. Our hobbies, desires and standards differ. And so our perception varies. You may agree or not with what I am saying. We all have our freedom to think 'coz we are born with absolute freedom to do what is right for ourselves and to others.

In some instances in your life that you find yourself pondering of your undesirable life..just think..



Chandrika Shubham said...

Loved the last para. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Always be positive! It's not the problem that keeps you strong. It's your attitude. :-)

beanizer_05 said...

@ chandrika:
hi! thanks for droppin by..really appreciated:)

@ jeng:
Right, it's the attitude that makes the difference.thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Beanizer..I loved the way you have wriiten about me -esp the line : if my life fails , the world wil nver stop resolving ...n cmg to this post : its true attitude shapes our life , we are a failure , if we think so , and a history maker , if we believe so :)

beanizer_05 said...

@ dreamygal:
hey thanks! yeah, i guess i need to realize that..we play the major part in molding our lives:)

sheeza said...

wow you are quite true its definitely our attitude which makes us different from rest.....

well quite an optimistic style of writing... for a sort of sad person like me:P

i need little hi-cups as you give to have a new start of smile.

i like your post.
simply easy, attractive and wonderful.

keep writing
i am gona add u.
and thanks

beanizer_05 said...

hi sheeza:)
i'm glad you like it. I guess being positive can help molden our beliefs of this beautiful life.
There are lots of things to be grateful and be valued..always find a reason to smile..
do visit my other sites too if you have time..tnx again. Really appreciated:)

FJ said...

hi!! it's too bad i just saw this post...XD hadn't being active in blogosphere lately...

aha. i really love this post. if i had seen this earlier, my friend and i wouldn't had this depressing chat about how unmeaningful, how boring a life could be. believe it or not, almost everyday, i ask myself, why do i even exist? to study really hard so that i can secure a good job, then have family, and die. haha.

anyway, i totally agree with this post.

beanizer_05 said...

wow! im so glad this post touched you..actually, i felt the same way of questioning my existence in this world often and such was the reason why i decided to create this site remind ourselves that life is much worth-living. Hope you can share the thought with your friend..both pains and joys make life beautiful..thanks again:)

Anonymous said...

just amazing expression of life,and excellent sentence is 'life is a general word'it speaks depth of your thought on this it.

beanizer_05 said...

thanks anonymous :)
i really appreciate your comments though you hide your identity

sudhi said...

hey kid its a funny philosophical read abt life..... bt hw come this kid is writing abt philosophies???? don't tell me kiddy lolypop u hav grown up?????

Your Beautiful purpose is kool!!!!! it can b medicine to mny of my frnds lol!!!!!!!!

ej.manalastas said...

I like your blog. I agree with you with life and purpose. They are align. Purpose dictates life. If you don't have a purpose, you'll have a directionless life but if you have a purpose, life will have a direction. Have a positive attitude and you'll have a positive life. Cheeros, Beanizer.

beanizer_05 said...

haha,,no..not yet grown up..still a kid just making appreciation..and yeah! hope this post can serve many:)

true. It is always the purpose that we give direction to our lives..i just wish i can always be positive like this post:)

LoveForTheDay said...

Absolutely love what you wrote.
"I am just one of the living creatures learning to survive each minute." One of my favourite lines that you wrote on this blog. I think everyone can relate to it and you just expressed my life and what I am trying to do!

beanizer_05 said...


i'm really glad that you like my post and you did relate to it.
Do cherish every moment you got and you'll be happy in even in the simplest things life offers you:)

Kai Sensei said...

Love this post! Would you believe my pessimistic mantra before was "Life is Unfair.. Life is Shit.." But thank God that my views has changed since then! And you are absolutely right. It is OUR RESPONSE (attitude) to our circumstance that makes a difference.

beanizer_05 said...

@ kai:
great for you! It happens to everyone..I won't learn to appreciate life if I never experienced the shit it caused me..we won't be able to realize beautiful things if we never had the worsts..thanks for dropping:)

Christian said...

Just visited your site Bean! Filipinos are good in writing articles and your one of them. You love your family indeed and your a blessing to your family Bean! I love reading your site because we have common views on the real purpose of life. Continue sharing Bean I know you have a kind heart as what shows in your article about your sister who is ill. Wishing her good health and to you as well. Each of us has his own burdens to bear but it is on how you respond and deal with it points out to be the real issue. I agree 100% to your article on life. Always look at the positives of life Bean we have many things to be thankful of! God bless you!

beanizer_05 said...

@ Christian:
thanks so much for your comment and reviews! Thanks for the wishes. Hope we can always think all the positives despite the pains and worst things..
You're right. It is on how we respond to every burden we encounter in our lives..
thanks so much:)

PauloTheGreat said...

I enjoy reading that stuff. That shows you have a lot of heart and a good thinker in your own rights. People will have different views, there is no wrong or right in it, every one is special..they are the creator of it. Keep on writing!

beanizer_05 said...

thanks so much paulo!
every is special-that's true!

Jill Wellington said...

Yep...I have to agree...attitude shapes it all! Very wise for your age, Beanie!

beanizer_05 said...

@Ms. Jill:
Whoah! you find this site! *wide smile* Doesn't speak of my age? i'm already 5, so i guess i need to appreciate life more while young..

thanks for sparing few minutes on this old post:)