Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I wish to see myself as a tough person..

Somebody who can accept life’s pressures with nothing but a smile. I wish to make other people happy when they feel there’s no more hope in this world they live in. I wish to uplift a lonely human when some bastard made her feel unloved. I wish to convince some hopeless to make a stand to find their true happiness despite the cruel lives they had.

I wish to turn back the broken pieces of some hearts that were helplessly cut. I wish to lend a shoulder to those who need to cry their pains and all. I wish to give my arms to comfort those who have been left by unfaithful lovers. I wish to show respect to those who have never been applauded in years and over.

I wish to be always there even before someone makes a call. I wish to tap others’ back to let them recognize they worth the more. I wish to see someone roll in laughter when I tried to crack a corny joke in front of her sad soul. I wish to dry those eyes by holding the salty drops that flow.


How can I do these things if I am not even half the whole?
How can I send them heaven if my life is hell of a show?
How can I reveal what love is, if all it taught me is sorrow?
How can I show them the greatness of life,
--if I don’t wish to live another tomorrow?