Thursday, September 3, 2009

--the existence--

// “what do I really want to happen in my life?”—this question has been running in my nerves these past days.. I am bothered of unexplainable thoughts…
..i stopped..i feel tired..does my existence still matter the world? Or do I still exist?
..i don’t know what is happening with me..the world is running too fast, I think I missed some details of the life I’m living..i’m 23..not that old but not so I still enjoying my breathing on this planet? ..i have many questions-nonsense why’s and what’s that most people surely won’t be interested to know..i am doing this blog with no subject to tackle..and if someone cares to view this blog maybe she/he may have the answer..
..i feel empty..i am having a body without a soul..something is missing..don’t know where, how or what to find..maybe I need some adventure…I am playing too safe and thus, bored. I don’t hate my life, never I did and never will’s just.. I need a simple response for an unknown query..
..i do have perfect friends..yes, perfect..not because they never made me feel bad..but perfect ‘coz they have the character that accepts my worsts and pushing me to my bests..i love them..i may not have the most craziest and wealthiest friends mostly people would stick to, still, I have the truest, happiest, and incomparable moments through their presence n my life.. //090209


ilikeseven said...

Didz here!
Hey, what you wrote there was still a nice piece of work. You could be wrong because to someone out there, what you wrote is something that could entertain them. So no worries, I'm pretty sure there's some out there still wanna read your entries and I'm one of them :)
I myself isn't a good blogger, I started recently too. I just blog whatever I feel wanna share with the rest of the world or simply just to let out with whatsoever I'm feeling at the spur of the moment or later. Hehe
Just keep blogging those beautiful expressions and keep it coming, people won't get bored. The best about your blog is actually how you express your personal feelings and stuff, and that makes it interesting already :) Consider the blog as your daily diary. It should be fun! Well, I wanted to make myself a new blog as my daily journal, but I'll give it a 2nd thought cuz I'm married to my works at the moment. Hehe.
Oh, a friendly request: Can you stick with one blog to post your entries? That way it's much easier for me to follow you :) Thanks! And could you please be one of my followers for my blog?
Man! This is the longest comment I ever given to someone! lol! You should be glad! :P

ilikeseven said...

And wow! I can see my comment now! Hehe

beanizer_05 said...

..hahahaha..yup, i ws surprisd of ur commnt,yet i do hope ds s nt d longest (4 me) 'coz i surely luv 2 hir mch frm u :)..
..nywei,bwt the blogsyts, dey r suposdly 4 dfrnt moods and topics, bt un4tun8ly, i faild to tackle dfrnt sbjcts :(, dnt wori, il try 2 stik wd 1 syt(juz 4 u)..hehehe
..thanks 4 d coment sweetie..m olredi follwng u..u'r evn 1 of my favorites :)

ilikeseven said...

Thanks Beanizer, I'm honored :) Hehe.

Karl Lopez said...

I quote: "maybe I need some adventure" maybe, I need adventure too.. being a Sagittarius girl, I am like an archer, and your blog post made me realize that there are other people clamouring for adventure in life..


Thanks Benizier, can we be friends? go to to know my calling and interest. write me by bye Israel

Maldita said...

very nice composition..btw, regarding your comment in my blog...yup its the same Maldita you found in Bloggers. Im still working to link my account in there so all my post can go thru. Cheers...

Dr-nyx said...

Bean i won't say that your blog is nice or good or fabulous coz i really dnt have wordz,i can so much relate to ur blogs specially this one,m simply in love with it.U rock man!

bulek128 said...

you really r a good writer. very much impressed with d way u express urself. u gave meaning in every line that got me so interested. so nice that as time goes by...questions were answered and it seems at young age you have that wisdom to share and to touch so many lives.

this is my first comment Beany, after reading all ur blogs! lol

Just Nothing??? i don't think so Beany. It may mean someting, why such feeling of emptiness. You may not own it but others do. A "Gift"? Maybe you have touched their hearts without u knowing it. Explore with this "special gift" that may lead u to the purpose of your existence which i guess you have already discovered.

and that emptiness that surrounds you will be filled in His own perfect time. It molds you to become a better person. without such emptiness... you will not be able to continue creating wonderful blogs!

I wish too many people can read this. So INSPIRING!

beanizer_05 said...

thanks readers!!
you make my piece valuable! thank you!

cookingvarieties said...

hi beanizer. many thanks for your visit..say hi to Sie, oh ya please tell her to call me wan, not ms wan ok..thanks.
i decided to read your first blog listed in your profile.
this is interesting , you did a great write up, very well presented and above all not long winded- ok clear and concise. have a nice day

beanizer_05 said...

Thanks for dropping here Ms. Wan, i'll tell her about this, hehe :)

Your visit made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

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